Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Labor Day Weddings

I personally had 3 weddings this past weekend and I, the DJ, decided to take some pictures to share! Yes, I know I'm not the best photographer, this is why you hire someone like Hope Haven, Lumina or Totten! I discovered through this process why it's important to have a good camera, too. My Nikon Coolpix takes nice pictures, but it doesn't take the picture right when I press the button; sometimes my patience runs out when I'm pushing the button and it takes a few seconds to actually take the picture. Enough about that, here's how my weekend went.

Friday, my event was at Golden Gardens in Ballard. The "Bathhouse" as they call it, is a nice little venue but it was a little tight with the amount of people our clients invited to their reception. All in all, it worked out! After I got setup, I helped hang the decorations from the rafters and set the chairs around tables.

Holly-Kate Foss with Sweetpea Events was the planner and coordinator for this event and I must say she did a wonderful job!

Our clients, Ted and Lauren Tanabe, are such a great couple! I have a feeling that they'll be together forever!

Saturday, I DJ'd a pretty laid back event at the Heritage Hall in Kirkland. It's a nice little facility. I worked with Sherri Smith with McKenzie Kate Weddings.

Sunday, I DJ'd a wedding with an Indian groom, so there was some integration of Hindi music to the event. It was at a beautiful venue called Alderbrook in Union, WA. You might not be able to tell from the picture below, but it was pouring down rain during the ceremony so luckily, it was moved inside.

I had the pleasure of witnessing a great wedding officiant, Bob Riler.

All in all, it was a great weekend and all the events went well. I hope all our clients are happy with they way their events went and I'm sure we'll continue to do what we do. As I always say here at Adam's DJ Service, leave the music to us, we'll leave the dancin' to you!

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