Friday, February 27, 2009

10 Tips To Ensure A Successful Wedding Reception

How do you measure a wedding's success? Most likely it's by whether you had a good time or not. Adam’s DJ Service knows that music is the number one factor that guests use to decide if they had a good time at your wedding. And I share these tips with all of our clients at our initial consultations, so here's some great information for you!

Tip #1 Use our Planner Form provided at the initial meeting or on our website to write out your entire musical timeline. Then discuss this information in detail at the final meeting with your DJ. You should also give copies of a basic timeline to your other vendors so they will be on the same page throughout your event.

Tip #2 Even slightly loud music is hard on the ears of your older guests. Make sure these people are seated as far as possible from the disc jockey's speakers. Draw up floor plans for your guests, so that everyone will be comfortable with the volume where they are located. Also, if you’re having a buffet, by having tables announced or released to get food, the event will appear to be more organized, people will avoid standing in line and the meal will go by quicker.

Tip #3 The Grand Entrance sets the tone and establishes the energy for the entire reception. Work closely with your DJ and/or your coordinator to stage a Grand Entrance that reflects your style and personality. Clarify pronunciation of names and select the perfect music.

Tip #4 One good suggestion is to do a formal welcome toast immediately after the Grand Entrance. At no other time during the reception will your guests be more attentive and focused. The Bride, Groom, Parents or Close Friend should welcome your guests, thank them for coming and let them know about the great time that is planned for the evening. It sets a great tone for the evening and makes all your guests feel they are part of your big day. If any person in your wedding party is having some trouble coming up with a great toast try

Tip #5 The people in the wedding party are key players at your event and should stay in the main room, and together at all times if possible. Position the bar as close to the dance floor area as possible. Should the bar be located on another floor, or in another room, or even outside, more often than not the groom and ushers will congregate there. This leaves bridesmaids without dance partners.

Tip #6 The most important song of the evening is the First Dance. Pick a song that has meaning and when you hear it ten years from now you will still remember why the lyrics were so potent on your wedding day and will stand the test of time. For bride/father dance and groom/mother dance, choose wedding music that is from the parents' era as a tribute to them or even let them help pick the songs you dance to.

Tip #7 Keep your guests in mind: Include timeless standards and music from different eras that all guests will enjoy. Find out if there are any Birthdays or Anniversaries being celebrated on your wedding day and acknowledge them at some point during your event. Find out which songs were played at the weddings of your family and friends and play those songs at your event. This will bring them to the dance floor and help recall the emotions of their own wedding. One idea to help gather this information is to ask guests for their favorite songs on your RSVP cards when you send invitations out.

Tip #8 Include your bridal party in the music decisions. They can help come up with songs you might have forgotten and this also makes them feel included when they hear their favorites at your event.

Tip #9 Dimming the lights after dinner (along with liquid courage!) will motivate your guests to dance. Determine the desired lighting levels for dinner and dancing when you meet with your reception facility's coordinator and what time you would like them dimmed and to what level.

Tip #10 An overcrowded dance floor can be aggravating to the fair-weathered dancers. Make sure you have plenty of dance floor space. In addition, leave some space between the dance floor and tables so there is plenty of room for people watching. And make sure your vendors have enough space to operate in.

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