Thursday, September 2, 2010

Please Plan Ahead!

Here at Adam’s DJ Service, we hold firm to the belief that every good event involves a great deal of planning. Additionally, we feel that it is never too early to start looking to the future. While the 2010 Wedding season is still in full-swing, we are already booking events for the 2011 wedding season!
In addition to valuing good planning, Adam’s DJ Service also likes to assist our brides (and grooms) in planning the perfect event. We not only provide several planning tips at our initial meeting, but also meet with clients prior to the “big day” to finalize all of the important details. It is our goal to ensure 110% smooth sailing on your wedding day… coordinating with other vendors throughout the day, offering activities that are fun to do at weddings, in addition to sharing the trendiest new modern wedding entertainment. How about going above and beyond the “call of duty” to help other vendors behind the scenes for flawless execution of all aspects of your day?
In most cases, you'll find what you need for your event with us. Precise mixers, music enthusiasts and MCs. If you need music, audio or video equipment or emcee or entertainer and we're available, we have a solution.

And thank you to the 3 people are reading my blog on a regular basis!

I want to thank some photographers who I met this past year who made an impression by sharing some pics.

KCB Photography

Grant Horiuchi

Mode Weddings

Jim Semlor

Heather Brincko (formerly King!)

Thank you David Wylde You're the first photographer to catch me relaxing at a wedding!

We've got lots of events coming up, so stay tuned!

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