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How to Pick the Perfect Wedding DJ

I was surfing the web recently and came across this helpful article posted on a website. I feel it would be useful to anyone trying to find a DJ for their wedding, and Adam's DJ Service so I admit I'm copying and pasting here, but I'm also giving the author credit where it came from. I'd like my blog to be full of useful information to my clients, and so I believe I'm not plagiarizing if I give the proper credit, right? Anyways, here's what I found...and here, only on my blog, I've put my comments in parenthesis ( ) for your reading pleasure! For the original, without my comments and comparisons of how we fit the mold of "the Perfect Wedding DJ," visit the link below.

Adam Tiegs - Owner of Adam's DJ Service

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding DJ

A bad Wedding DJ can be hard to identify beforehand and can ruin an otherwise amazing and memorable wedding reception.

Keep yourself from being burned by a newbie or unscrupulous business owner. In this article, we will take time to consider a few factors that will indicate both the experience and professionalism that you can expect from your prospective DJ. From these indicators, we can hope to weed out potential mistakes that can turn your very special occasion into an unforgettable disaster.

The most critical things to look for are experience, commitment, and professionalism (We've got all 3!).

Using your internet access and telephone, you can begin to scout potential DJs. In each step, ask yourself the questions listed and use the answers to develop your standards in selecting an appropriate wedding DJ.

It may sound strange but Commitment is the number one factor to look for. Without it, your DJ could show up late or not at all. Commitment goes further than the day of the event as well. Does the DJ answer the phone during business hours? (Or at least return messages if busy!) Is he/she willing to work with you on song requests? (That's what our planner form and final planning meeting is for!) Does he a have clear set of driving directions to your event? (Or at least know the address, and been there before due to our policy on site visits!) How much more is he willing to do besides DJ and collect your money? (Networking with other professionals within the industry, offering knowledge like this article, providing tips and advice, and putting full-time dedication into making sure your event runs as perfectly as possible?)

Analysis of the DJ’s website is also an important task. Look for elements such as booking procedures (first page), past event articles (see our Testimonials page), performance contracts (got one on the website, and share it in person at all consultations), and photos (see our Pictures page). Where has this person or company booked events (see our Links page and our preferred vendor and reference list, which I go over with potential clients at initial consultations)? How recently (Every Week!)? These web elements give you an idea of the DJ’s experience. The DJ doesn’t have a website? It’s probably a good idea to look elsewhere (especially if you found them on offense to anyone who might take offense to that!). This is a huge indicator that the DJ lacks experience, commitment, and professionalism.

Professionalism plays a part before, during, and after the event. DJs who do not work under a contract lack experience that would otherwise have convinced them to do so already. Contracts should be designed to protect both parties. Don’t be afraid to have the DJ revise a contract to suit your requirements (That is...if it doesn't cover all of the bases already!). Is the contract in plain view and accessible before booking the event (provided online, both in document format and online form format as well as paper format at initial meetings!)? Are they willing to meet with you personally to negotiate your terms and requests as well (I don't expect anyone to book us without meeting me in person first!)?

Experience plays the most important role during the event ceremony. This factor is often indicated by the DJ’s past event roster and current bookings. Is this person doing one or two weddings a month or is it a full time job? (It's more than my full-time job, it's my hobby-turned-career! It's the best job I've ever had!) Working with audio and electronic equipment demands the knowledge and skills to set up, operate, and diagnose problems on the fly. Speak to potential DJs but let them do most of the talking. Ask them about their experience directly. What were their most recent events like? When was the last wedding they performed? (No problem! I'm happy to discuss this, and usually bring up many specific examples of situations I've encountered at many events, usually the most recent events!)

Knowing the answers to these questions will arm you with the knowledge to make better DJ booking decisions. Take the time to do things right and also realize that your wedding reception is not the time to realize the "get what you paid for" lesson. Good luck!
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